About Us

Founded in 2016, Pawllion has been a reliable trading partner for many brands and manufacturers. With a focus on long-term success, we represent and assist our clients in achieving higher market growth and stronger industry presence in China. Our competitive and mature platform has enabled them to reach new milestones overseas.

Pawllion’s Omni-Channel Model

pet supply export solutions diagram
Export & Import
One-stop export and import service, Pawllion offers documentation, registration, logistics, and warehousing services.

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B2B Distribution
Pawllion is a reliable international distribution partner for China market, enabling brands to expand and achieve sustainable growth.

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D2C Retail Solutions
Pawllion’s operational experts will dedicatedly provide business strategies and day-to-day full support for Flagships stores on Tmall and JD.COM.

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Shared Values

Be Creative

Creativity is part of Pawllion’s DNA. We have always been exploring better B2B and D2C approaches to evolve by constantly testing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas.

Deliver Excellence

At our organization, we strive for excellence in products and services. Our goal is to achieve win-win relationships with both our vendors and clients, creating dynamic momentum here at Pawllion.

Make a Difference

Giving back is Pawllion’s vision of making a better future for the pet industry. By donating supplies and sponsoring charitable events, we closely connect with the pet community and contribute to a positive impact.