Export Solutions

for Pet Food

GACC Access

The GACC (China Customs) grants access to overseas manufacturers to import products to Mainland China. The manufacturers must meet both the regulation standards of their original region and the GACC’s up-to-date requirements. Check with the manufacturer’s local APHIS office for exporting standards. Once the manufacturer is ready to export to China, APHIS will file a formal application to GACC on their behalf.

MARA License

The main difference between MARA and GACC is that MARA’s license is issued for each product, while GACC registration only covers the manufacturing process. Having only GACC registration has limitations. It is recommended to consider MARA and GACC registration as the same time. MARA licenses enable you to expand to overall sales channels in China.

International Logistic and Warehousing

Pawllion sources reliable international logistics and warehousing through leading supply chain partners, such as COSCO and CAINIAO. We continuously optimize quality and cost control, while utilizing cutting-edge business insights to deliver the most suitable export and import solutions.

COSCO Shipping


Free Trade Zone

There are numerous designated Free Trade Zones in China that are open to international brands. They offer preferential policies and supporting facilities to businesses operating within them. Pawllion provides dedicated services to assist with everything from initial setup to day-to-day operations

General Trade

With proper documentation and registration, general trade has become the most desirable solution to fully enter the Chinese market. Pawllion is a reliable trading partner for brands looking to export to China, allowing them to access the huge market and maximize profits in the long-term.