Nationwide Distribution

Pawllion distributes high-quality products nationwide in China. We help brands achieve sustainable sales growth and strong market competitiveness. Our distribution network consists of both online ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Customer acquisition is developed through various channels, such as multiple trade shows, industrial events, online marketing, referral programs, and nationwide wholesale accounts.


With our omni-channel capabilities, we can accomplish competitive merchandising by intensively penetrating the nationwide market. Our understanding of Chinese culture enables us to carefully curate and position the most desirable products. We offer a range of sales services, including wholesale, drop-shipping, live-streaming, and affiliate program, among others.

Sales Services




Affiliate Program

Supply Chain Services

Pawllion actively manages supply chain services for distribution networks. An authorization system is in place to ensure product authenticity. Each product is assigned a unique code. We ensure that products are handled properly throughout the supply chain to maximize customer satisfaction. This enhances the strong credibility and quality of our brands and distribution capability.

Supply-chain Management

Authorization System

Logistics & Storage