The Company

Pawllion brings together exceptional high-quality products and brands to the pet industry of Asia, with a focus in Mainland China. Asia’s pet product industry is the fastest growing market in the world with tremendous opportunities.

The Long-Term Vision

Founded in 2016, a pivotal point in Asia’s pet product industry, we at Pawllion share a strong spirit of preparing and staying for the long term . We have developed a wide range of unique products and brands that serves the needs of our customers from diverse cultures and board ethnic backgrounds. This provides us the ability to target customers based on many specific sales channels.

Pawllion Model

2200+ Sales Channels
• 1000+ Bricks and mortar stores
• 800+ e-commerce channels
• 300+ grooming professionals
• 30+ Pet boarding and training services
300+ Vets & Chain Hospitals
• Sponsor educational events with vets and hospitals
• Hold industrial meetings with veterinary sales groups
• Resourcing and investing in social media and PPC advertisement
• Actively support and collaborate with KOLs in journal writers, video streaming etc.
Industry Crossovers
• Work with related brands and organizations to create exposures and marketing opportunities.
• Collaborate with modern furniture brands, automobile brands, city malls, pet friendly coffee stores to maximize customer base.
Charity and Social Events
• Sponsorship in animal adoption events with donations and volunteers
• Hold social events for pet owners to form community networks

The Shared Values
at Pawllion