Sponsorship in the largest Beijing Annual Corgi Meeting with pet stores and social media influencers for local Corgi pet owner groups

Pawllion exhibited in 2018 Pet Fair Asia

Halloween French bulldog party at Shenzhen was successfully co-held by Pawllion with local professional breeders and pet stores

The 3 new collections of WonderPaw collar & leash set with added sizes are now available

Partnership with Mini Cooper to launch the newest Hardtop model. Exclusive event for Mini and BMW club members with pets

An innovative and patent pending pet sniffing puzzle game, the Playmat from WonderPaw, is released by Pawllion at Shanghai Pet Fair Asia

Sponsorship for ChongAi international veterinary company at Beijing to hold animal wellness consulting and educational sessions

Represent as Trueblue Pet Product’s exclusive distributor in China Mainland market and launched whole line of all-natural pet care products

Pawllion exhibited in 2019 Pet Fair Asia

Held one of the largest pet festivals in Shanghai with 200+ attendees of pet owners and their furry friends.